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Great Limpopo TFCA, Limpopo National Park

Limpopo National Park Celebrates World Ranger Day

On 31 July 2013 Limpopo National Park, the Mozambican component of the Great Limpopo Transfrontier park, celebrated World Ranger Day with an event held at Massingir. Since 1992, World Ranger Day has been celebrated around the world each year on July 31st, the anniversary of the founding of the International Ranger Federation. The day celebrates the work of field rangers as the key protectors of parks and conservation.

Rhino Protection Programme, Southern African Wildlife College, Wildlife Crime

College Develops Rhino Ambassador Training

The Southern African Wildlife College has, with the support of Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife, been instrumental in developing the training materials and conducting the initial training of community rhino ambassadors drawn from local communities...

General, Great Limpopo TFCA, Limpopo National Park

Governor Inaugurates New Boundary Fence

On 28 June 2013 the Governor of Gaza Province, Raimundo Diomba, inaugurated the new south-easten boundary fence at a ceremony held at Massinguir Gate.

Maloti-Drakensberg TFCA

Maloti Drakensberg Transboundary World Heritage Site

The World Heritage Committee of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has inscribed Lesotho’s Sehlabathebe National Park as an extension to the uKhahlamba Drakensberg World Heritage Site in South Africa...

Community Development, Lubombo TFCA, Maputo Special Reserve, SA College for Tourism

Chemucane Ecotourist Lodge Under Construction

The construction of the Chemucane community lodge in Maputo Special Reserve, featuring nine exclusive guest suites, with two family and seven double-bedded units, is well under way.

Malawi Zambia TFCA

Progress Made In The Nyika TFCA

In 2012 the World Bank announced that all conditions had been met for it to release a Global Environmental Facility Trust Fund Grant to the value of $4.82 million to develop the Nyika...

Lubombo TFCA, Maputo Special Reserve, Rewilding

Maputo Special Reserve 2013 Translocation

The Mozambican government's translocation programme, a multi-year endeavour now in its third year of operation, recently saw the introduction of 78 wildebeest to Maputo Special Reserve. The plan is to restock the reserve...

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