Peace Parks Foundation's response to COVID-19 in southern Africa.

Rewilding Africa

Rewilding Africa is one of the Peace Parks’ most ambitious projects. The rewilding process moves wildlife from areas of overpopulation, to areas of decimation. By reintroducing wildlife to ecosystems where the species once thrived, biodiversity is once again restored, whilst the potential for securing the future of the protected areas through nature-based tourism is increased exponentially.

At the same time, the process relieves pressures of overpopulation at the capture location, thereby halting what could evolve into devastating habitat degradation.

This grand endeavour is made possible through the support of the donor community and dedicated partnerships with organisations that have been translocating wildlife for many years.

The project started in 2001 when the first 25 elephants were moved to Limpopo National Park. Since then, thousands of animals have been translocated to parks all over southern Africa.

This year, we are in the midst of what is to be one of our busiest seasons yet as we aim to translocate more than 2000 animals – buffalo, nyala, impala, wildebeest, giraffe, kudu, zebra, oribi, waterbuck, eland, elephant, reedbuck, sable and even ostrich!

Here we share with you our rewilding journeys and keep you to date with the latest plans and news.


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