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Rhino Protection Programme

Rhino Protection Programme, Wildlife Crime

China, the next generation: reconnecting, inspiring, protecting

Young people from Shanghai are using innovative design to educate their communities on environmental and rhino protection matters. This initiative, that utilises the creative skills of Chinese youth to inspire change as a formal part of their university curriculum, is the outcome of a partnership between Peace Parks Foundation and Tongji University.

Rhino Protection Programme, Wildlife Crime

Rhino Ranger returns to stop the demand for rhino horn in Vietnam

Rhino Ranger returned this month with a second edition of the popular Rhino Ranger Comic book targeted at changing the hearts and minds of school-going Vietnamese youth to reduce and ultimately stop the...

Great Limpopo TFCA, Kruger National Park, Limpopo National Park, Rhino Protection Programme, Wildlife Crime

Rangers are taking back their park

Poaching is being severely disrupted by the passion and perseverance of rangers in Limpopo National Park. Last week it led to the successful apprehension and arrest of two suspected rhino poachers in the...

Rhino Protection Programme, Wildlife Crime

Designing a sustainable future

At the World Innovation and Entrepreneurship Expo (WIEE) held in Shanghai, students in China are utilising marketing design to address critical social matters of concern, such as the conservation of natural resources –...

Rhino Protection Programme, Wildlife Crime

Vietnamese Youth Appeal To The Peers To Stop Using Rhino Horn

Vietnamese youth from Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) are appealing to their friends, family and peers to stop using rhino horn.

Rhino Protection Programme, Technology and Innovation, Wildlife Crime

Enlisting Microsoft Azure In The Fight Against Rhino Poaching

Peace Parks Foundation shared insights on using technology in the conservation space, with an audience of about 2000 delegates at the 2018 Microsoft Tech Summit in Cape Town

Rhino Protection Programme, Wildlife Crime

A New Integrated Anti-Poaching Approach For Ezemvelo Rhino Reserves

With the nerve centre now officially launched, the upcoming months will see additional capacity being deployed to ensure efficiency and sustainability, and ensure that new systems are integrated into daily anti-poaching operations going...

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