Peace Parks Foundation's response to COVID-19 in southern Africa.

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Lubombo TFCA

Lubombo TFCA, Ponta do Ouro Partial Marine Reserve

Welcome to Ponta Malongane – the whales’ stage

The idyllic waters along this stretch of Mozambique’s coastline are frequented by majestic whales during the months of July to December. Entrancing all who are lucky enough to glimpse them, with their songs and acrobatics, they migrate from polar to tropical waters in search of food and the best conditions for reproduction. This video of frolicking whales was taken off the coast of Ponta Malongane recently by Bruno Pedro.

Lubombo TFCA, Ponta do Ouro Partial Marine Reserve

Keep our beaches clean!

In celebration of International Coastal Clean-up Day, 1 and a half tons of garbage was removed from the beaches along the coastline that stretches a distance of over 37 km from Ponta do...

Community Development, Lubombo TFCA, Maputo Special Reserve, Ponta do Ouro Partial Marine Reserve

The art of farming mussels

Fishermen and women in Mozambique are being equipped and trained in the art of farming mussels on longlines, as a means to create a stable income for the communities .

Lubombo TFCA, Maputo Special Reserve

One of Africa’s top ten rangers: Natercio Ngovene

Natercio Ngovene, Head of Anti-poaching in Mozambique’s Maputo Special Reserve, has just been announced as a recipient of the 2020 African Ranger Award – a prestigious accolade presented by Paradise Foundation International and...

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Conservation guardians

This World Ranger Day, we take a moment to recognise the work being done by rangers across southern Africa to protect our conservation areas.

Lubombo TFCA, Maputo Special Reserve, Ponta do Ouro Partial Marine Reserve

Celebrating 60 years of conservation

Mozambique had much to celebrate last week as Maputo Special Reserve commemorated 60 years of existence. The milestone was marked on 23 July with a ceremony led by His Excellency, President Filipe Jacinto...

Community Development, COVID19, Great Limpopo TFCA, Kavango Zambezi TFCA, Lubombo TFCA

One NGO, taking a stand against COVID-19 in southern Africa

Peace Parks Foundation is leading a support initiative that aims to curb the spread of the COVID19 pandemic, and alleviate the impact of the pandemic on the poorest and most vulnerable communities.

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