Peace Parks Foundation's response to COVID-19 in southern Africa.


Passionately protecting and restoring critical ecosystems

The Peace Parks dream is to re-establish, renew and preserve large functional ecosystems that transcend man-made boundaries – thereby protecting and regenerating natural and cultural heritage vital to enabling and sustaining a harmonious future for man and the natural world.


We engage with governments to obtain buy-in, secure protected land, and channel investment into development of transboundary conservation areas.

Conservation at Scale

We plan and implement innovative strategies that revitalise habitat integrity, restore ecological functionality, and protect biodiversity.

Commercial Development

We develop nature-based tourism and enterprise opportunities to ensure the long-term sustainability of protected areas.

Community Engagement

We capacitate communities in the sustainable use of natural resources and unlock opportunities for deriving equitable benefits from conservation.

Connected Conservation

A transfrontier conservation area (TFCA) is defined as the area or component of a large ecological region that straddles the boundaries of two or more countries, encompassing one or more protected areas as well as multiple resource use areas. Peace Parks Foundation has been actively involved with the establishment and development of ten of the 18 TFCAs found throughout southern Africa, all of which are in various stages of development.



The establishment of each TFCA, or peace park, is complex and far-reaching, and involves several phases of activity, which can take many years to achieve.  It is an exemplary process of partnerships between governments and the private sector – an African success story that will ensure peace, prosperity and stability for generations to come.



    21 NOV 2020

    Uniting against unsustainable fishing practices

    Peace Parks Foundation in partnership with the Simalaha Community Conservancy and the Namibia Nature Foundation...

    17 NOV 2020

    Protecting Lions in wild places

    The Endangered Wildlife Trust, SANParks, ANAC and Peace Parks Foundation have embarked on an ambitious...

    13 NOV 2020

    Victory for counter-trafficking K9 unit

    On 10 November 2020, Mozambique Police, with the support of the National Administration for Conservation...

    12 NOV 2020

    EUR 4 million COVID-19 relief efforts in KAZA

    The German government is providing EUR 4 million to the world’s largest transfrontier conservation area...


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