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Kavango Zambezi TFCA

Kavango Zambezi TFCA

Transfrontier park will ease pressure on the environment

BY far the majority of Botswana’s mighty elephant herds are concentrated in the northern region of the country, where their impact on the environment has become all too visible. Like South Africa, the country suspended culling in the 90s. But at least it has relief beckoning in the form of an immense transfrontier conservation area […]

Kavango Zambezi TFCA

Kavango-Zambezi TFCA’s MoU signed

Conservation & Tourism for Socio-Economic Development The cornerstone for Africa’s largest transfrontier conservation area (TFCA), the Kavango Zambezi TFCA was laid today with the signing of a memorandum of understanding by the five...

Kavango Zambezi TFCA, TFCAs

Namibia and Angola join forces to create parks

NAMIBIA and Angola have moved towards the creation of a joint trans-border conservation area, reports The NamibIan, Windhoek. Angolan news agency Angop reports the Angolan cabinet council recently ratified the memorandum of understanding...

Great Limpopo TFCA, Kavango Zambezi TFCA

Zimbabwe Tourism works on cross-border initiatives

The Zimbabwe Tourism Authority is working closely with neighbouring countries such as South Africa, Botswana and Mozambique to develop its transfrontier parks in the run-up to the 2010 World Cup. Among those currently...

Kavango Zambezi TFCA

Mesmerising Zambia

Dr David Livingstone probably thought he was in heaven when he first set eyes on Victoria Falls. Winnie Graham, had a similar experience when she visited the country made famous by the great...

Kavango Zambezi TFCA, Luengue-Luiana National Park, Mavinga National Park

Elephant route to be demined

AN ancient but now lethal migration route for elephants is to be demined in Angola, paving the way for swelling herds in neighbouring Botswana and Zambia to expand their range, the United Nations...

Kavango Zambezi TFCA

Regional Tourism Charter Vital

The Transfrontier Park project offers a great opportunity to leverage on such regional cooperation to conserve the natural environment. The charter therefore should encourage the removal of impediments that discourage the tourism business...

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