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10 years of continued support from Swedish Postcode Lottery

On 19 March 2021, the Swedish Postcode Lottery, during the online Annual Charity Event, divided over one billion in Swedish Krona, SEK 1 040 423 000, between 58 non-profit organisations. Peace Parks was once again a recipient and was awarded a generous donation of SEK 7 000 000. These funds were raised by one million players of the Swedish Postcode Lottery during 2020, who share the same viewpoint as the Lottery: the world benefits from strong social organisations that drive society in a positive direction.

Live announcement of Peace Parks’ SEK 7 000 000 support from the Swedish Postcode Lottery

The Postcode Lottery started in Sweden in 2005 and has since generated more than SEK12 billion for non-profit organisations. Most contributions are unrestricted and long-term, so beneficiaries can use the funds where they consider it most needed.

“Since day one, the Postcode Lottery has been there to raise funds for civil society,” said Eva Struving, CEO of the Swedish Postcode Lottery. “The reason for this is that strong non-profit organisations are a prerequisite for a better world. This is our, and our sibling lotteries in the Netherlands, the UK, Germany and Norway’s full conviction. We want to support those who work hard to achieve positive change.”

Support in challenging times

As the world struggled in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Lottery recognised the challenges faced by the organisations they support. In October last year, the Lottery added an incredible SEK 70 million to their support, providing their beneficiaries with an additional 10% on top of their initial contributions to bolster their critical work. Peace Parks was awarded additional funding of SEK 700 000, thereby providing much needed supplementary support to our organisation during these challenging times.

Thank you

A heartfelt thank you to the Swedish Postcode Lottery and the lottery ticket buyers for their continued support of transfrontier conservation in southern Africa. With the organisation’s generous donation, Peace Parks can continue its vital work to re-establish, renew and conserve large ecosystems in Africa. Peace Parks has enjoyed the Lottery’s loyal support for more than 10 years and additional funding for special projects over the years, which has seen improved livelihoods in Simalaha Community Conservancy, the implementation of the successful Rhino Protection Programme, promotion of conservation outcomes while supporting communities with the Herding for Health project and the goal of educating 100 000 children through the Peace & Changemaker Generation project in partnership with the World Children’s Prize.


The Dutch Postcode Lottery continues to support transfrontier conservation


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