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Tracker Academy Trainees Excel

Group 8 of the SA College for Tourism Tracker Academy students have just completed their final tracking assessment at Londolozi Game Reserve.

The assessment spans five days of intensive practical tracking skills which include observations of their ability to interpret all animal tracks, including that of birds and insects, follow a lion’s trail until it is found, identify bird calls and tree and plant species native to the area.

Of the eight students that were assessed, five received the Field Guides Association of Southern Africa (FGASA) Tracker level 3 qualification. At this level the tracker:

  • Is operating as an advanced professional tracker within a site;
  • Has the advanced knowledge and skills considered essential to conduct an advanced guided animal tracking experience;
  • May be operating as a competent tracker in a number of different sites. A site usually refers to a particular game or nature reserve, national park, botanical garden, bird sanctuary, etc;
  • Has advanced knowledge and skill considered essential to register and legally conduct an advanced guided animal tracking experience as a FGASA Tracker Level 3; and
  • Has been declared competent against the requirements of the FGASA Tracker Level 3 practical assessment.

Two anti-poaching organisations and three tourist lodges have already expressed their interest in interviewing the graduates for possible employment opportunities.

The year-long tracker training programme offered by the SA College for Tourism Tracker Academy is divided into two six-months training periods, with the students spending one semester in a semi-arid biome (Samara Private Game Reserve) and one semester in a bushveld (savannah) biome (Londolozi Game Reserve).

Story by Alex van den Heever
SA College for Tourism Tracker Academy Manager
Visit the Tracker Academy website for more

The SA College for Tourism annually trains 16 trackers at its Tracker Academy, with the aim of preserving the age-old traditional knowledge and skill of tracking. Peace Parks Foundation has been supporting training at the SA College for Tourism since its inception. Students from across southern Africa, all from impoverished backgrounds, are trained on a year-long course. Thus equipped with their respective qualifications, the students are able to return home and find employment in the tourism infrastructure supported by TFCAs.


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