Solar Power Thanks To Remgro’s Support

Peace Parks Foundation this month took a giant leap forward in its efforts to operate a ‘green’ and energy-efficient head office, with its investment in a new state-of-the-art solar power system.

Eighty-eight solar panels were installed on the north-facing incline of the roof of the foundation’s head office. These panels reduce the demand by feeding solar energy through an inverter system into the building’s electricity grid.

Peace Parks Foundation CEO, Werner Myburgh, extended his thanks to Remgro for so generously making a significant contribution towards the installation cost: “In South Africa the process of electricity generation causes more than 50% of carbon emissions. The new solar power system will reduce demand on the head office power grid by up to 60%, which in turn will result in a significant decrease in the foundation’s carbon footprint. It is also thanks to Remgro that Peace Parks Foundation owns its own building. We deeply appreciate Remgro’s continued support.”

Jannie Durand and Werner Myburgh switching on the solar power

Jannie Durand, CEO of Remgro, today switched on the new system and lauded Peace Parks Foundation’s efforts to reduce expenses at head office, and become more environmentally sound. Said Mr Durand, “As instilled into the company by its founder, Dr Anton Rupert, who also co-founded Peace Parks Foundation, the three pillars of sustainable development, namely economic, social and environmental sustainability practices have always been part of Remgro’s core values. Peace Parks Foundation’s work supports sustainable development, which is why Remgro, as a Club 21 member, has been a proud supporter of the foundation for many years.”


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