Greater Mapungubwe TFCA

Masego community links in with Greater Mapungubwe TFCA

The Masego community in Botswana, by way of the traditional leadership represented by the Dikgosi from the three villages, together with the village development committees and an interim committee, has decided to develop the land they live on into a conservation area, the Masego Community Conservation Area.

The Masego area is situated adjacent to two major conservation areas in the Greater Mapungubwe Transfrontier Conservation Area, the Northern Tuli Game Reserve in Botswana and the Tuli Circle Safari Area in Zimbabwe.

The establishment of a conservation area will not only be integral to ensuring the ecological connectivity and integrity of the Greater Mapungubwe TFCA by reducing habitat fragmentation, but will also provide alternative livelihood options for the three communities, thus improving their quality of life.

A site visit was paid to the area during August when several sites of high cultural significance were identified. These areas include, amongst others, sites from the same era as the Mapungubwe Cultural Landscape, as well as from the era of the Khami Ruins, both World Heritage Sites. The region also includes sites of current cultural significance, including rain making sites and fountains. The area therefore has significant value as a cultural heritage site.

Klein Bolayi

In related news, a site visit was also paid to the farm Klein Bolayi, east of the Mapungubwe National Park, where very significant archaeological finds were discovered and identified. Ceramics (potsherds) dating as far back as 400-500 AD (Early Iron Age, pre-Zhizo, K2 and Mapungubwe) were discovered, as well as sites related to the Mapungubwe Cultural Landscape, all of which confirm that the Mapungubwe Cultural Landscape extends eastward or downstream along the Limpopo valley.


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