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Community Development, Kavango Zambezi TFCA, Simalaha Community Conservancy

Simahala Community Wildlife Monitors Deployed

On 15 May the community wildlife monitors trained to work in the Simalaha Community Conservancy celebrated their passing out parade. The 22 wildlife monitors will replace the Sekute Community Trust and Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) rangers who had been monitoring the wildlife and the wildlife sanctuary fence since the first animals were translocated in October 2013. The financial support secured by Pifworld will be funding the monitors for two years.

Community Development, Kavango Zambezi TFCA, PPF Sweden, Simalaha Community Conservancy

SEK19 Million From The Swedish Postcode Lottery!

On 20 February 2014 Peace Parks Foundation Sweden, as a beneficiary of the Swedish Postcode Lottery, became the very fortunate recipient of SEK10 million. In addition to this, Peace Parks Foundation also received...

Community Development, General

€15.4 Million To Combat Wildlife Crime

South Africa’s Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs, Minister Edna Molewa has lauded the R232.2 million grant made to the Peace Parks Foundation by the Dutch and Swedish Postcode Lotteries.

Community Development, Kavango Zambezi TFCA, Simalaha Community Conservancy

Sustainable Farming Skills For Simalaha Communities

In 2012, Peace Parks Foundation received a generous donation from the Swedish Postcode Lottery to develop a wildlife sanctuary in the Simalaha Community Conservancy in south-western Zambia and improve the local people’s human...

Community Development, Kavango Zambezi TFCA, Rewilding, Simalaha Community Conservancy

First Wildlife Translocation To Simahala Community Conservancy

Sunday, 6 October 2013 saw the first ever wildlife translocation to the Simalaha Community Conservancy. Simalaha is one of Zambia’s first conservancies and will be an important area in KAZA TFCA to re-establish...

Community Development, Kavango Zambezi TFCA, Simalaha Community Conservancy

Simalaha Wildlife Sanctuary Fence Completed

The Simalaha area, situated in south-western Zambia, falls within two chiefdoms, Sesheke and Chundu. Because of annual flooding, the area is mainly used for seasonal grazing. Senior Chief Inyambo Yeta and Chief Sekute...

Community Development, Lubombo TFCA, Maputo Special Reserve, SA College for Tourism

Chemucane Ecotourist Lodge Under Construction

The construction of the Chemucane community lodge in Maputo Special Reserve, featuring nine exclusive guest suites, with two family and seven double-bedded units, is well under way.

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