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Yielding success with conservation agriculture

Onion farmers from the Tchia community adjacent to Maputo Special Reserve (MSR) in Mozambique, are celebrating after being able to take more than 7 000kg of produce to market following a very successful harvest.

Using conservation agriculture techniques, the onions were grown in an area of about 0.8 hectares utilising minimal soil movement and fertilization of crops with livestock manure, in order to preserve the structure and biodiversity of the soil.

To support the farmers, MSR provided seedlings, pesticides and training in the special horticultural methods that were used to achieve such a good yield from poor soil. The reserve also provided an irrigation system that includes a pump and 2 ha dripping system,  as well as helped the farmers establish linkages to take their produce to market.

This initiative is part of a community development program implemented by MSR, in partnership with Peace Parks Foundation and CoMoN Foundation, which also includes beekeeping and farming of other produce, such as chilis. The aim is to provide communities with alternative livelihoods in order to reduce their dependence on the natural resources of this conservation area.

For those interested in buying onions from Tchia farmers, please contact the sales representative: + 258 84 541 8368

Maputo Special Reserve and the adjoining Ponta do ouro Partial Marine Reserve, arejointly managed by Mozambique’s National Administration of Conservation Areas (ANAC) in partnership with Peace Parks Foundation, that provides technical and financial support for the development of conservation and tourism activities.


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