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Working with WCS and COMACO

The Kasungu-Lukusuzi TFCA, which is part of the Malawi/Zambia TFCA comprises two proclaimed national parks: the Lukusuzi National Park in Zambia and the Kasungu National Park in Malawi. Separating the two parks on the Zambian side, is the Mwasemphangwe/Chikomene area, which is 12-25 km wide.

In order to secure the free movement of wildlife between the two national parks, wildlife corridors need to be created. And to do so local leaders and government authorities need to commit to managing community land in such a way that it would support viable wildlife corridors between the two national parks and stop illegal activities inside the protected areas. The adoption of sustainable farming practices using environmentally friendly crops around both national parks, as well as improved forest and watershed protection linked to the development of alternative livelihoods, would be essential. To this end, Peace Parks Foundation is partnering with Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) to implement the Community Markets for Conservation programme (COMACO) in the Mwasemphangwe/Chikomene area.

COMACO provides a solution for how humans and the environment can coexist through a revolutionary approach that uses rural-based markets to support conservation. COMACO’s approach is centred on regional trading centres that target food impoverished and low income families by offering them new skills, inputs and improved markets to address critical livelihood needs which often drive environmental degradation. COMACO aims to mitigate key environmental threats that degrade watersheds, wildlife habitat and wildlife populations, while improving food security and living standards. Read more about their inspiring work at

The COMACO programme has been successfully implemented by WCS for six years throughout much of Zambia’s Luangwa Valley. Read more about their work at

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