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Wondrous wetlands: why should we care?

Happy World Wetlands Day! The unique wetland ecosystems we’re proud to protect hold both vital resources and crucial solutions. It’s an exciting and urgent time to be dedicated guardians of freshwater, carbon and biodiversity – all wetlands ‘champions’. 

From marshes and mangroves to peatlands and swamps, wetlands are catalysts of great positive change, promoting and protecting biodiversity and mitigating the effects of climate change.

What does this mean for us and for our world?

Wetlands are invaluable to people; amongst the most productive ecosystems in the world, they boast an immense variety of species and burst with beneficial services for people and wildlife. They regulate water storage and stash an astonishing volume of planet-warming carbon which is key to offsetting climate change.

Sadly, our planet’s lost 35% of these landscapes in the last 50 years and we simply cannot afford this decline.

Situated within the Malawi-Zambia Transfrontier Conservation Area, Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve embraces a flagship wetland conservation programme. Despite its modest 100 000 ha at the westernmost edge of Malawi, Vwaza throws a celebration of scenery, plentiful species and irreplaceable ecosystem functions. Woodlands and wildlife accompany its wetlands, with a notable highlight being the largest elephant population in northern Malawi. 

Amongst Vwaza’s many biodiversity treasures lies a remarkable gathering of marsh-adapted elephants.

By mitigating climate change and biodiversity loss, and increasing the resilience of local communities to both, wetlands punch well above their weight. Peace Parks Foundation, in partnership with the Government of Malawi, is deeply committed to practical, creative and scalable solutions to protect this remarkable region. Where there’s a wetland, there’s a way – and many more wins awaiting, worldwide. 


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