Kgalagadi TFP

WiFi For Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

Photo by Craig Beech

The original transfrontier park in southern Africa, Kgalagadi, is leading the way again in practical joint steps aimed at developing collaboration between the partner countries. Kgalagadi now boasts a WiFi system at the Twee Rivieren/Two Rivers entrance gate and rest camp.

Officially opened in May 2000, Kgalagadi is Africa’s first peace park. It has become a popular destination with tourists wishing to experience its tranquility while moving freely across the international border within the boundaries of the park – a transfrontier park in the true sense of the word!

The joint tourist access facility at Twee Rivieren / Two Rivers

Kgalagadi is still the only transfrontier park with a jointly shared tourist access facility that serves as a port of entry and reception area and that is jointly manned by customs officials from Botswana and South Africa.






Photo by Craig Beech

Communication in this remote area has always been a problem and while the park offices may be adequately connected, the same has not held true for tourists. While the vast remoteness is what attracts tourists to Kgalagadi, it could also have a downside and an effective communications system was deemed a necessity.

The decision to install a WiFi service that serves both components of the park was two-pronged:

  • to improve communications between the park management teams based on the Botswana and South African sides of the park
  • to improve communication with visitors, especially regarding information and reservations. The network is also being made available to visitors to the Twee Rivieren rest camp and Two Rivers campsite, thereby allowing them to share their park experiences and photos instantly, which also serves as a good promotion of the park.

The installation of the joint internet connection supports the good working relations between the park management teams of both countries. Once proven as a tool, the intention is to expand it to the other entrance facilities such as Mata-Mata, Kaa and Mabuasehube.





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