A global challenge

The human species is consuming our own planet. It is often very accusingly pointed out that we “just take”. However, as a species reliant on earth’s nature for our survival – we have to take, because we need our planet for:

The problem is that we take too much. We take indiscriminately. We take disrespectfully. We take inconsiderately. And we don’t give back.

We also keep on growing

Experts believe that even with managed yet persistent population growth, there may still be enough resources to sustain life on our planet, but only if every single person uses just what they need, without waste. None of us can truly predict what the world will look like a century from now, but what we do know right at this minute is that it’s not just about how many of us there are, but more about how the many of us go about consuming the world around us.

There needs to be a synchronised give and take between humans and their world.

The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed.
– Ghandi –

What we do

The core purpose of Peace Parks Foundation is to enable a balance – a harmony if you will – between conservation and consumption, between man and nature.


Peace Parks Foundation recognises the importance of conserving and developing core areas, corridors and keystone species, irrespective of political boundaries, to secure biodiversity conservation, which in turn is the most important foundation to ensure maintained, healthy and functional ecosystems – essential for the survival of all fauna and flora on the earth, including man.


Peace Parks Foundation also acknowledges the right of human beings to join other species in responsibly using the natural resources present in these ecosystems.

We embrace nature

Making sure that wild spaces are secured and reconnected.

We equip people to give

Actively restoring and maintaining the natural balance of these spaces, and revitalising critical natural resources.

We empower people to take

Reverently and sustainably utilising what earth provides to generate a means of living now, and a future for generations of people and animals still to come.

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