WATCH: Rewilding Africa – a journey of a thousand animals.

Habitat loss has been identified as the main threat to 85% of all species described in the IUCN’s Red List. We are committed to restoring and reconnecting wild spaces so as to reverse this risk and once again give animals a sustainable natural environment in which they can thrive.

During 2018, facilitated by strategic partnerships, we translocated more than a thousand animals. Through these rewilding projects, habitat degradation is halted in areas where there is an overpopulation of wildlife, whilst on the other end of the journey where wildlife was eradicated, biodiversity is being restored with each new animal reintroduced. We are deeply proud and humbled by the successes achieved through rewilding and excited to see the positive impact on local communities brought on by improved tourism potential in these protected areas.



From our CEO: a moment to reflect on 2018


A flourishing haven for marine life

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