Maputo Special Reserve, Rewilding

The return of the eland

This month, 20 of these magnificent antelopes leapt into their new home in Maputo Special Reserve from where the species had been absent for more than three decades. Peace Parks Foundation, in partnership with Mozambique’s National Administration for Conservation Areas and supported through funding from Mozbio, celebrated this event as one of the highlights of Peace Parks Foundation’s 2019 rewilding season. The reintroduction of each species takes us one step closer to fully restoring balance to this reserve’s biodiversity.

The eland – along with the oribi that, earlier this season, were also reintroduced to the reserve for the first time in many years – will be high on the list of wildlife-to-see for tourists who are gearing up for the December holidays. We share in their excitement and celebrate our role in this conservation success story.

We thank Conservation Solutions and Tracy & du Plessis Game Capture whose dedication to our cause of rewilding Africa has ensured the safe delivery of these animals that will serve as the founder population for what will surely be a thriving herd in near future.



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