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Sustainable management of the Nyika TFCA

Earlier this year the World Bank announced that all conditions had been met for it to release a Global Environmental Facility Trust Fund Grant to the value of $4.82 million to develop the Nyika TFCA between Malawi and Zambia. In addition, co-financing commitments have been secured from the Norwegian Embassy in Malawi, the governments of Malawi and Zambia, and Peace Parks Foundation for a total amount of $11.09 million over the next five years.

The TFCA includes the Nyika National Park and Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve in Malawi and the Nyika National Park, Lundazi, Mitenge and Mikuti Forest Reserves and Musalangu Game Management Area in Zambia.

The Global Environment Facility, through the World Bank, had allocated a project preparation grant of $328,000 in 2008 and appointed Peace Parks Foundation to support the Malawian and Zambian Governments in determining how the main phase funding of $4.8 million should be allocated in the implementation of the project. The project appraisal document was completed and three main components were identified, which will be implemented over the next five years.

Component 1: Institutional and Planning Framework
This will cover the management and governance functions of the project. It was agreed that the existing management authorities responsible for the parks, i.e. the Department of National Parks and Wildlife of Malawi and the Zambia Wildlife Authority would each establish its own project management team to implement the projects. Three expert positions were, however, created to provide support to both the project implementation units: a procurement specialist, a financial advisor and a law enforcement advisor.

Component 2: Sustainable Financing
Sustainable financing is a priority and funding was earmarked to monitor the existing income sources for the park and to develop a tourism plan and appoint a transaction adviser to manage the tourism investment processes. The development of an endowment fund through fundraising projects will assist with the sustainable financing of the TFCA in the long term.

Component 3: Protected Areas Management
The project will focus on three protected area management areas, i.e. the Nyika national parks, the Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve-Bambando Zaro game sanctuary and the Chama Nature Park.

In each area, financing will cover capacity building for planning, management and reporting, habitat management, infrastructure development and maintenance, resource protection and resource and biodiversity monitoring The Chama Nature Park in Zambia will be developed as a partnership between the local community and a cooperating partner/ investor.

With such major funding secured for a relatively small TFCA, significant developments are set to take place over the next five years!


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