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Microsoft Launches ‘Planetary Computer’ to Reach Biodiversity Goals

Microsoft is creating a new Planetary Computer platform to provide insights about species, biodiversity, and ecosystems. The move represents the next step in the company’s 2020 sustainability efforts, according to the tech giant. (Photo Credit: Gabriel Gabriel, Unsplash)


My cattle, your rhinos: South Africa’s poverty-and-wildlife conundrum

Meat Naturally, Conservation South Africa and Herding 4 Health – Peace Parks Foundation have entered into a partnership to replicate a rangeland restoration model across four transboundary national parks spanning Botswana, Mozambique, South...

Lozis Embrace Replica Skins to Save Leopards

The royal paddlers of the Nalikwanda, the Litunga’s royal boat, will be updating an old tradition by adorning themselves in their newly acquired Heritage Furs, fabric replica leopard and serval cat skins.

A solar-powered ‘Meerkat’ is protecting South Africa’s rhinos

In South Africa's biggest national park, a camouflaged system of radars, cameras and sensors stands guard. The solar-powered technology is helping to protect Kruger National Park's rhinos from poachers, and the country's tourism industry...

NGOs form the backbone of conservation in South Africa

Conservation NGOs working to protect biodiversity in South Africa contribute significantly to the persistence of numerous species and habits and the life-giving services that they provide, as indicated in a new report just...

7 Conservation Organizations Making A Difference

Natural lands and wildlife are an important part of ecosystems across the planet. Unfortunately, human development is often a threat to these habitats. That's why organizations like the ones listed here work to...

Can Artificial Intelligence Help Pinch Poachers?

In South Africa, conservationists were making no headway on preventing rampant rhino poaching. Hluhluwe–iMfolozi Park, the “birthplace of rhinos,” was a particular hotspot, logging hundreds of dead rhinos in a single year. So...

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