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The perilous 1,000-mile journey to save Africa’s endangered black rhinos

Animal conservationists are trying to save South Africa’s rhinos by moving them out of threatened areas and into new habitats with strong security and strategic conservation methods. The Post joined an armored convoy carrying endangered black rhinos from South Africa to a national park in Mozambique, in an effort to save them from poachers.


TFCA Financing Facility hands over Covid-19 response grants to SADC TFCAs

In a ceremony held on the 3rd of May 2022 in Johannesburg, South Africa, organised by International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), two cheques were handed over to the first recipients...

Wildlife corridors — from divide and conquer to connect and restore

Reconnecting fragmented pieces of land is critical to wildlife survival and recovery. In Africa, numerous multi-jurisdictional wildlife conservation areas have been established under the banner of “Peace Parks.”

Botswana’s big problem is not elephants, but runaway bushfires

When vast areas of northern Botswana are denuded of trees, elephants almost always get the blame. We need to start looking elsewhere.

Mozambique’s ISIS insurgency threatens to destroy conservation progress and fragile environmental protections in Niassa Special Reserve

The Islamic State (IS) insurgency in northern Mozambique has taken a new, sinister turn, moving inland and westward into the Niassa Special Reserve. Elsewhere, ANAC in partnership with both African Parks and the...

UBP joins forces with conservation experts to launch biodiversity restoration strategy

Recognising the challenges of investing in biodiversity restoration, UBP has partnered with Peace Parks Foundation and planned a collaboration with the Cambridge Conservation Initiative, both conservation actors, to launch a biodiversity restoration strategy....

One family office’s approach to conservation finance in Africa

Kathaka is a single-family office deploying capital and strategic resources into investment and philanthropic endeavours, but Caroline Rupert, its founder and chairwoman, says the name has a deeper meaning—Kathaka in Sanskrit means, ‘One...

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