Kgalagadi TFP

New Kgalagadi luxury lodge

South Africa’s ‘First People’ enter the international tourism arena

Opening in July 2007 !Xaus Lodge, owned by the Khomani San (Bushmen) and Mier communities, is the first fully catered luxury lodge to be located in the Kgalagadi (Kalahari) Transfrontier Park. This 3,9 million hectare transfrontier park transcends the border between the Northern Cape Province of South Africa and Botswana and is one of the last pristine conservation areas on earth. The vision behind its creation which was facilitated by the Peace Parks Foundation has ensured, in perpetuity, a natural animal migration route to the north-east and an environment in which man and animal can peacefully co-exist.

Glynn O’Leary


President Pohamba an Honorary Patron


LNP tourism facilities

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