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Major donation to Peace Parks Foundation Sweden

Peace Parks Foundation CEO, Mr Werner Myburgh, Secretary-General ofPeace Parks Foundation Sweden, Ms Eveline Dietz and Vice-Chairman:International Relations, Prof Willem van Riet on the momentous occasion of thefirst annual donation by the Swedish Postcod

Peace Parks Foundation Sweden is now a permanent recipient of the Swedish Postcode Lottery.

On 13 October 2010 Peace Parks Foundation Sweden became the very fortunate permanent recipient of the Swedish Postcode Lottery, which donated more than SEK 5 million for 2010 (approximately €538 000 or R5.1 million).

Peace Parks Foundation Sweden was established in January 2009 because of the tremendous support from the Swedish Postcode Foundation (Svenska PostkodStiftelsen) which donated R5.5 million to Peace Parks Foundation Sweden for 2009 and 2010. The Swedish Postcode Foundation is a beneficiary of the Swedish Postcode Lottery to support projects that work towards a better world. The large donation to Peace Parks Foundation’s work was used to fund 18 separate transfrontier conservation projects.

Peace Parks Foundation Sweden becoming a permanent recipient of annual funding from the Swedish Postcode Lottery represents a significant source of future financial support for Southern Africa’s transfrontier conservation projects and is deeply appreciated by everyone involved.

The Swedish Postcode Lottery is a Novamedia charity lottery, one of six private lotteries in different parts of the world that donate part of their profits to good causes. Another of the Novamedia charity lotteries is the Dutch Postcode Lottery, which is Peace Parks Foundation’s biggest supporter with more than $10 million donated to date.

Peace Parks Foundation is deeply grateful to the Swedish Postcode Lottery and to the Dutch Postcode Lottery for their major support of the Foundation’s work. These two Novamedia charity lotteries are playing a vital role in the development of Southern Africa’s peace parks.


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