Swedish Postcode Lottery

The Swedish Postcode Lottery and their many ticket buyers have made a major contribution to transfrontier conservation development in southern Africa. Since 2010, Peace Parks Foundation Sweden has received just over SEK 92,000 000 from the Lottery. Of this SEK 24,999,900 was donated towards Special Projects that included improved livelihoods in Simalaha Community Conservancy, the implementation of the Rhino Protection Programme, and now the launch and implementation of the Herding for Health climate-smart community meat production programme.

Ms Cecilia Bergendahl, managing director of Novamedia Sweden and lottery manager at the Swedish Postcode Association said: ‘Right now we are seeing a worrying development in two areas: One is the climate and the environment, and the second is the growing inequality in our society. We have therefore chosen to focus on these areas‘.

Thank you very much to the Swedish Postcode Lottery and the lottery players for their continued support of Peace Park Foundation’s work.

On 21 February 2018, Peace Parks Foundation Sweden was awarded SEK 13,000,000 from the Swedish Postcode Lottery. This year, the Lottery distributed SEK 1.1 billion among 55 beneficiaries with 113 million going to seven organizations focusing on the environment, animal protection and nature conservation. Peace Parks received SEK 7,000,000 for basic annual support, as well as a special projects award of SEK 5,999,900 for the Herding for Health project. fltr: Rickard Sjöberg (TV presenter: The Postcode Millionaire), Cecilia Bergendahl (Joint Managing Director: Novamedia Sverige AB), Lena Malmberg (Country Representative: Peace Parks Foundation Sweden) and Anders Årbrandt (Joint Managing Director: Novamedia Sverige AB)

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