Peace Parks Foundation's response to COVID-19 in southern Africa.

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Wildlife rangers are running for their future

On 3 October 2020 over 70 ranger teams across the African continent will run for their future in a half marathon, carrying their typical 25kg backpack and equipment - building comradery and raising awareness of the hardship currently faced by those in their profession. Team Sioma and Team Nyika have been training hard for this challenge and have stepped up as the faces and voices of their parks!

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Explore Parque Nacional do Limpopo in your 4×4 and make an impact!

For the first time 4×4 enthusiasts have the opportunity to explore a national park and at the same time participate in a census that will have a meaningful impact on the knowledge base...

Lubombo TFCA, Tourism

A bridge to a better life

While many residents of the rural area surrounding the Greater St Lucia Wetland Park say they have not derived the anticipated benefits associated with tourism, the Minister for Environmental Affairs and Tourism believes...

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SADC univisa by 2008

We also foresee a considerable liberalisation of travel routes between countries on the African continent in the near future. With, amongst others, World Cup 2010 and the transfrontier parks in mind, a single...

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Transfrontier Parks Need More Beds

TRANSFRONTIER parks are the lure that will bring seven million tourists to South Africa - all with the same dream: to enjoy our wildlife and natural beauty.

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