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Southern African Wildlife College

Banhine National Park, Great Limpopo TFCA, Limpopo National Park, Southern African Wildlife College, Zinave National Park

More Rangers For Mozambique

On 16 May 2018, 39 recruits, three of them female, celebrated their graduation as rangers during a passout parade held in the Limpopo National Park, Mozambique. This follows the successful completion of a gruelling eight-week ranger training course presented by the Southern African Wildlife College, that prepared the new recruits for their stand against wildlife […]

Great Limpopo TFCA, Southern African Wildlife College, Zinave National Park

Unlocking The Potential Of Zinave National Park

Having been declared a protected area in 1972, only to then be ravaged by sixteen years of civil war from 1977-1992, the sun now rises over a different Zinave National Park in Mozambique....

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Design And Innovation Pave The Way For Rhino Horn Demand Management In China

Everyone involved with and concerned about the devastation of rhino populations in southern Africa, is fully aware of the fact that the scourge of poaching is driven by rhino horn consumption in Southeast...

Great Limpopo TFCA, Kruger National Park, Southern African Wildlife College, Wildlife Crime

Dynamic Alliance Established To Bolster Rhino Anti-Poaching Efforts

On the western boundary of Kruger National Park (KNP), private and community-owned game reserves – represented as the Greater Kruger Environmental Protection Foundation (GKEPF) – have joined forces with conservation agencies, non-profit organisations...

Southern African Wildlife College


Dr Bartolomeu Soto, Director-General of the National Administration of Conservation Areas (ANAC) in Mozambique and the CEO of the Southern African Wildlife College (SAWC), Theresa Sowry, recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU),...

Southern African Wildlife College

College News

Open the PDF for news on the Southern African Wildlife College’s events, courses and students. The Bateleur

Southern African Wildlife College

Simultaneous Graduation Of 119 Field Rangers

The Southern African Wildlife College’s recent field ranger graduation ceremony was remarkable for two reasons – it was the biggest in South African history, with 119 National Certificates in Nature Conservation: Resource Guardianship...

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