Annual Review 2021

There is one indisputable fact that emerged from a world held captive by a global pandemic: nature-based solutions are critical to secure a future for humankind. Peace Parks’ work in restoring terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecosystems is consequently more essential than ever before, and we take on this responsibility with wholehearted dedication.

We are therefore pleased to report that, in spite of countless residual challenges presented by Covid-19 during 2021, Peace Parks managed to celebrate some of its most significant conservation milestones, as we substantially deepened and expanded our impact in transboundary landscapes across southern Africa.

Working towards our goal of supporting stability and co-existence between people and nature, we implemented new and innovative conservation financing strategies; reached tens of thousands of people through our community development programmes; and witnessed astonishing first-hand evidence of impact achieved in restoring and protecting ecosystems at scale – the most effective tool we have in mitigating climate change. To this end we celebrated the return of apex predators such as cheetah and leopard to several protected areas for the first time in decades, and saw lions return to these areas naturally – something that can only be achieved once an ecosystem has been sufficiently restored and secured from threats. We were also very proud to see our sustained support and collaboration with the Government of Mozambique resulting in the proclamation of the Maputo National Park.

Our contribution to conservation across the region and beyond is only made possible through the passion and perseverance of our dedicated staff, and the continued support of our loyal donor community and partners. We thank each and every one for continuing to make a difference.

I hope you will find the highlights in our latest Annual Review inspiring, and we thank you for being part of this success story.

Chief Executive Officer
Peace Parks Foundation


SHORT FILM: African rhinos return to Zinave National Park, Mozambique


Black rhinos return to Zinave National Park in Mozambique

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