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André Kilian – always in our hearts

André Kilian © Sonneblom Films

It is with great sorrow that we announce the passing of André Kilian, beloved former CEO of the SA College for Tourism. As we all are reeling from the shock of his untimely passing, it is hard to find suitable words to pay tribute to this truly remarkable man.

Those closest to him at the College shared a heartfelt message for their Tata Mkulu (as he was so fondly called by the students and staff): “You were there from the beginning. A fierce and protective leader, who was a father figure to so many. There is no hallway, lecture room, office, or heart you did not imprint on. The legacy you leave and the impact you have had on 1000’s of young men and women who have entered (and are still to enter) the gates of SACT is immeasurable. It is our deepest privilege to have known you and our profound task to uphold your memory. We find comfort in the belief that you will be guiding us at every step.

André was the CEO of the Tourism College from when it was established in 2001 up until his retirement at the end of 2019.

André leaves behind a lasting legacy having profoundly changed the lives of so many young women and men.

Werner Myburgh, CEO of Peace Parks Foundation

On behalf of all the staff and students at SACT, and the colleagues at Peace Parks Foundation, we send our deepest condolences to Nicole, Michelle, Fraser, Nkosi, Chris-Henry and Owen during this sad time.

To a man who accomplished a remarkable task and leaves the world a better place than he found it.

You will be deeply missed.
Mazel Tov Tata Mkulu!

The SA College for Tourism is a non-profit organisation that operates under the auspices of Peace Parks Foundation.


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