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A Force To Be Reckoned With – LNP’s First Security Guard Training

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In a short pre-training ceremony this week, the park warden of Limpopo National Park, António Abacar, told the trainees that as park security guards they will be expected to protect the park and its infrastructure with zeal and professionalism.

The ceremony marked the beginning of the first training for security guards undertaken by the park.

The course will last for 15 days and involves a total of 27 security personnel. During the course the trainees will develop skills in shooting, martial arts and other aspects of self-defence, as well as learning about environmental law, professional ethics and the protection of Mozambique’s heritage.

The ultimate goal of this, and future, training is to provide the park with a skilled security force capable of protecting those assets essential to the functioning and future development of this important conservation area.

Story by Valdemar Casimiro
Limpopo National Park



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