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11 More Than A Game Reserve
BEYOND the Soutparnsberg in Limpopo lies a stretch of ruggedly beautiful, largely undiscovered land. This most northerly part of South Africa extends to the Limpopo River, where it… read more
12 Safari to the source of the mighty Luangwa
FIONA MclNTOSH journeyed into a remote corner of central Africa to find the source of the Luangwa River before reacquainting herself with Zambia's major waterway at two of the cont… read more
13 Making ecotourism accessible and sustainable
Transfrontier project with Lesotho will protect our heritageThe Zulu people call the Drakensberg "the barrier of spears". This magnificent natural spectacle forms part of the 243 0… read more
14 A nature park for Koreas' DMZ?
DORASAN, South Korea (Reuters) - Media mogul and conservationist Ted Turner wants to turn the heavily fortified Demilitarized Zone that divides the Korean peninsula into a peace pa… read more
15 Families must go to expand game park
HARARE: Zimbabwe is to remove 700 families who settled illegally near Gonarezhou National Park, the country's second largest game reserve, to make way for a planned transfrontier r… read more
16 Listen to the silence
Have wheels, will travel, says STEVE MOSELEY as he roams the seemingly barren, but not quite spiderless, Richtersveld.A few stars were still managing to withstand the extinguishing… read more
17 Goodbye malaria!
THE menace of malaria is succumbing to eradication efforts by the Lubombo Spatial Development Initiative (LSDI).Since the project was launched in 1999, malaria incidence has fallen… read more
18 Mesmerising Zambia
Dr David Livingstone probably thought he was in heaven when he first set eyes on Victoria Falls. Winnie Graham, had a similar experience when she visited the country made famous by… read more
19 First aerial game count of the Usuthu-Tembe-Futi TFCA
South Africa and Mozambique joined forces between the 2nd and 5th of November in the first aerial game count of the Usuthu-Tembe-Futi Transfrontier Conservation Area (TFCA). The co… read more
20 Easing the pressure
BY far the majority of Botswana's mighty elephant herds are concentrated in the northern region of the country, where their impact on the environment has become all too visible.Lik… read more
21 Transfrontier park poachers nabbed
The fences might be down, but the incident is being cited as an example of how security has actually been improvedA joint operation between Kruger National Park rangers and Mozambi… read more
22 Wild dogs kept at bay by invisible boundary
A novel experiment to protect endangered wild dogs is using the scent marks of unrelated wild dogs and hundreds of their scats to keep them within the safety of their new home in a… read more
23 Freedom in the wilderness
Why should "Kruger's new east", as it's being hyped, be part of your next park itinerary? JAZZ KUSCHKE crossed the border into Mozambique's Limpopo National Park to find out. Along… read more
24 New partners for Royal Jozini Big 6
At a function in Lavumisa on Friday to mark the opening of the first construction tenders, the directors of Royal Jozini Big 6 announced the participation of a prominent South Afri… read more
25 Toyota supports Peace Parks Foundation
The establishment of transfrontier conservation areas is an exemplary process of partnerships between governments and the private sector. While the main players are the relevant go… read more